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I wanted to share my spiritual journey with other so they wouldn't feel it to be such a struggle finding others who had or wanted to experience God as I did.  We all can have such varying experiences with the divine, but who's to say if one's way is better than another's. It is not my intention to say my way is the only way, for I realize it is not. It's just to try to be a helpful spiritual friend, which I know we all could benefit from at times.

- Caroline Pye


My faith

I was raised Presbyterian PC ( USA) and remember my childhood in the church fondly. As a teen, living in the South now, I gradually grew distant from the church as many do. It wasn't until age 29 my story of meeting God evolved and I was led to revisit the church structure. I have visited over 60+ churches from many different denominations, including what people like to call non-denominational, over years, trying to understand it all. I love "the church" dearly and feel this has been an eye-opener.


My involvement

My church and my community mean everything to me. I believe giving back is part of our destiny, our mission.  I strive to volunteer wherever I can, knowing it is God's work I do. 

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